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Fenji Productions

About Us

who we are

We are a production company experienced in serving the need of our customers in the area of audio, video, lighting installation and sales, also consultation and event management. We are known for the quality we deliver to our client, and we keep striving to be the best in our field and that is why we continue to build a strong and reliable team.

Our design teams are very creative and pay close attention to details, knowing that our customer’s satisfaction is the reason why we do what we do. That is why we use latest technology and tools to create our designs, just to optimize result. We let our work speak for us, and we promise to continue to strive to deliver the best solutions to our client.

  • Artist Management
  • Concert Management
  • Event Sponsoring
  • Music & Video Production
  • Multimedia Installation & Purchases
  • & many more

Our Special Service

We offer various services but the services we offer specially are multimedia installation & purchase, event sponsoring and concert sponsoring.

Multimedia Installation

Multimedia installation & purchase is one of the service we offer here at Fenji Production's. This service include multimedia purchase/hire for your event either big or small. Don't worry about the installation and maintenance services because we gat you covered.

Event / Concert

Event Sponsoring is another special service we offer here at Fenji Production which is a situation whereby we sponsor music event base on agreement between you(the owner of the event and we(the sponsorer). When our agreement is sealed, we will supply all the useful materials.

Concert Sponsoring

Concert Sponsoring is another special event we offer and we're ready to give you a nice experience with us. We sponsor any type of concert either small or large per agreement between you (the artist) and we (the sponsorer). When our agreement is sealed, we will provide all the useful materials.

Helping upcoming artist just like yours

We don't just focus on big artist, we sponsor upcoming artist too. But the ones that have the passion to grow and the ability to thrive no matter how tight the industry.

our service

Over 5 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.