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Enjoy Africa's vibrant rhythms and sounds at the upcoming ALKEBULAN monthly concert starring the talented artist/performer ONAH! This lively event presents some of the most captivating musicians from across the continent, who have come together to give a genuinely remarkable performance. The concert will feature a mix of traditional African music and contemporary Jazz, Afrobeat, headlined by ONAH, known for his energetic performances that create a festive atmosphere.
Don't pass up your chance to become immersed in the vibrant concert experience that brings the rich musical traditions of Africa to life. Whether you love Jazz, Afrobeat, hip hop, reggae, or soul, you will find something to groove to at the ALKEBULAN Concert. Don’t wait, get your tickets now and join ONAH at the ALKEBULAN monthly event and other incredible performers as they transport your spirit to the rhythms of Africa!

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